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In this fast-paced world, where time is truly essential and valuable, keeping your device clean all the time is what you need in order to keep up with your trendy and busy way of life, especially if you are a music lover, an app addict or simply someone who wants to keep your device clean and tidy! One app that can provide you with application and file management help is the SD maid app. SD maid – system cleaning tool pro is developed by Darken and now has between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 and installs. It is available in a free and paid version; the paid one is the SD maid unlocker.

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SM Maid App Pros

The app has powerful functionalities to impress you! All in one place, it has a collection of tools for letting you manage your files and applications. It can also clean your device, making sure that there is nothing left behind of any apps you had installed and then removed from your device. The tool can also manage crash reports, logs and files as well as remove directories and files, which you don’t recognize that are collected in your device’s storage. SD Maid can help you search for file by content or by name, as well as it lets you manage installed system applications and user applications. It also works as a corpse finder to get rid of data of uninstalled applications but is still in your system.

SM Maid App Cons

This free app has access to photos, files and media as well as it has the power to delete or modify USB storage, among other permissions that you will grant it if you would install it. It may also annoy some users because it runs at startup and it has full network access.

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Who Should Use This App?

The Maid App must be used by anyone who wants to keep their device optimized and cleaned from any unwanted files and data on their device.

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Download and install the SD Maid app today!