Scapple app ReviewThere are numerous benefits to using fully functioning note-taking and mind mapping tools. Utilize this Scapple review to see if this is the app you’ve been looking for.

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The Best Features of the Scapple App

  • What makes the Scapple app different from any other such program is that it can be easily integrated as part of your desktop setup. Most web-based software like this simply can’t transfer vital information from one platform to another.
  • Another boon of this clever mind map app is that it’s really much more than that. It lets you use a completely free form of note taking that is far less rigid than your average mind map app. You can use it in any way that fits the way your mind works.
  • Full screen mode (Lion and above)
  • iCloud support (10.8 and above)
  • Export to popular formats or print your ideas
  • Easily drag notes into Scrivener for further development

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The Downside to This App

  • At the time of writing, this app sets you back $15. That seems a little pricey to say the least, but it’s probably worth it if you make extensive use of mind mapping as part of your creative process.
  • There is unfortunately not as much integration as you might expect between Scapple and its older brother, Scrivener, so if you’re used to using the latter, you might get a little disappointed.
  • People complain about bugs with saving. There are instances where your file gets lost and is never to be found again.

Who Should Use the App

The app is suitable for artistic people or just people who have a lot on their mind and need help sorting the information out. The visualization component of the app can make the thinking process a lot easier. When it comes to finding the right mind map app for your particular way of thinking, this Scapple review will help you go some of the way towards making your final decision. It just depends on how your mind works.

Use this Scapple review to make the right choice for your business or personal needs. Download it now and give it a try.