runtastic review

Exercise apps are everywhere, thanks to huge choice of the best Android apps 2016 and the innovations brought to us by the Internet and mobile devices. Today, you can enjoy your workouts even better with a handy assistant in Runtastic. The app can track your activities, including cycling, running and walking through the GPS on your smart phone. It can also track your speed, time, distance, elevation and so many more. Most importantly, it keeps on the lookout on calories you burned. The app is fully optimized for android devices.

  • runtastic review

Runtastic Pros

Runtastic App ProsUsers on Runtastic review reveal how they love this app’s intelligent features, including it real voice coach that give them an automatic feedback, as per user preferences.

Runtastic App ProsThey also love the fact that the Runtastic app acts as their personal workout diary and offers them graphs and statistics in checking and monitoring their progress.

Runtastic App ProsMany of the users also express their love for this workout app that gives them the chance to access and map their workouts in real time without any hassles. In the process, many of them reveal how they can now achieve faster fitness results with the intelligent insights they get from the app.

Runtastic App ProsUsers can also join the online community so that they can discuss and share with like-minded people.

Runtastic App ProsThe app also can watch their workouts in 3D through the free Google Earth App, which is required.

Runtastic Cons

Runtastic App ConsSome in-app offers may be interrupting user experience in the app. It requires purchases to unlock many of the great features already within the workout application.

Runtastic App ConsWhen you subscribe, it ask for permissions, including finding accounts on your device. If you’re someone who hates things like that, then the app may not be for you.

Who Should Use Runtastic?

Certainly, it is one of the best fitness apps, if not the best, in terms of fitness help. People who love to work out and stay fit should really use this mobile app. The already great goal of working out and getting back into shape are already great purposes, which become even easier to reach with a handy app like Runtastic.