full root cleaner app review

Developed by Juwe11, Root Cleaner app is basically a tool that scans your device and checks for any mess in its system and on the storage and then fix them. If you’re looking for a tool that can improve your phone or device’s performance, then you may want to consider this app on your list. It cleans leftovers in your system and cleans out temporary files, log files, empty folders and dormant files. It can also fix permissions in your installed application. Best part is that it also works to clear data, unfreeze and freeze apps and clear data from downloaded applications. In this Root cleaner review, let’s highlight its pros and cons as well as who should use it.

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Root Cleaner Pros

It has a full suite of cleaning functionalities. Aside from those mentioned, the app can also clean recovery files and memory. It can also clean dalvik cache and fix permissions. The app manager can also clear up data, uninstall apps and unfreeze or freeze apps. Users can also schedule cleaning at their desired intervals.

Root Cleaner Cons

It does not have widget right now, but later versions will soon do, according to its developer. The latest 6.0.3 version can access your precise location –network-based or GPS, access media files and photos and delete/modify USB storage content. Nevertheless, users should check out permissions before downloading apps, like this one for your guidance. Also, this tool is a paid app, so it may not be for those looking for a free cleaner and it does not let the device sleep.

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Who Should Use This App?

People who want to clean up their system must use this app because it is one of the most powerful tools in the category available on the market now. Even if it is a paid version, it can give you the most pleasant experience when it comes to cleaning and app management. Nevertheless, it is a decent app that deserves a second look.

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