Reverbnation is an app that can be used in your iPod, iPad or iPhone touch. With it, you can manage your shows, check your status, update your status, send FanReach emails as well as collect fan emails anywhere you are. The app gives you the chance to manage your shows. It lets you add new shows as well as manage your existing shows with the use of your mobile device. The app also let you report attendance of your shows, to book and keep track of your gigs. In addition, you can update your status in Facebook and Twitter.

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Reverbnation give you chance to track ban equity, to see Fan stats such as fan heat map and fan count. You can also check out how often your fans are watching to your videos and listening to your songs. The app is integrated with signature fanreach email system and allowing you to send emails to your fans. There are no any complicated pens and clipboards. You can download it and begin collecting fan details in your iPod, iPad or iPhone touch.

Reverbnation Pros

  • Real CDs: You can mail Reverbnation a real CD as well as take care on other procedure.
  • No cuts: They will be the one to do the shops
  • Playlist: Fans can create their playlists on the musician they want.
  • Band profiles: You can add profile in your Myspace or Facebook account.
  • Embedding feature: It gives you the chance to embed YouTube video slips.

Reverbnation Cons

  • Tools are many: The user of your profile page is filled with many tools.
  • Social spam: Since it works like a social network, there is volume of wall spam.
  • Annual charge: The app charge your every year for digital broadcasting.

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Who Should Use the App?

For artists who want to be engage with their Fans, they can download the app. It is a good help for them to have it.

Download Reverbnation Music Player today!