Reddit Pics HD app lets you know what is trending on the internet. You will be informed and never get bored. The app has a good navigation that you cannot compare to other apps. Some of the features of it include custom GIF decoding, speed view through pictures, auto HD loads and others. When it comes to its pro features, Reddit Pics HD gives you the chance to save your pictures in your photo album, submit images to reddit, add certain subreddit in checking out pictures, view comments for picture post, join discussion and others.

  • reddit pics hd app

What is new in the Reddit Pics App version is that it fixed crash-on start issue and it fixes the issue that causes the application to refresh content.

Reddit Pics HD App Pros

  • Ability to filter posts for certain subreddits
  • It is 100 time better than other apps
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a simple layout
  • It shows the top posts

Reddit Pics HD App Cons

  • Has minor issues in loading contents

Who Should Use the App?

Pics Reddit app is good for people who want to know the pictures that is trending on the web. If you have an android phone, be sure that you have it. You will not worry with the result because it will surely satisfy you. The app is easy to use and perfect for individuals who want to save pictures in their album in easy way.

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Reddit app is one of the best choices on the internet that you can have for yourself. It offers many good things that you surely like. Using it allows you to join discussion to share your experience, view comments and check out pictures. Reddit is a good application that you should try and you will see that it gives what you are looking for.

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