Pomodoro Timer app is a powerful tool that allows user to configure breaks, track their progress and create tasks throughout the day, custom period or week. Some of the features of the app allow you to manage your tasks, track progress and customize your productivity and others.

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If you get the full version of the app, you can have more. It is compatible with Mac, iPhone or iPad devices. In addition, Pomodoro technique offers a good approach to get things done and it helps users to achieve their goals more efficiently and in a fast way. The app is registered trademark of the Francesco Cirillo. The app was updated last January 05, 2016 and it is available in English language. Learn more about the Timer Apps below.

Pomodoro Timer App Pros

  • The app is free
  • Compatible with OS X 10.8 or higher
  • Can customize the app to work it correctly based on users needs
  • Has built-in to do list function

Pomodoro Timer App Cons

  • Transition from active mode needs to work better

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Who Should Use the App?

Pomodoro clock can be use by anyone to remind them and to track their progress on the tasks they are doing. For people who want to manage their tasks, customize their productivity as well ensure that they track their progress, they can use the app. The good thing is that the app is completely free so you do not need to invest just to try the app. Start to get Pomodoro app to see how it works. It will be your help in managing your tasks. Using it does not need to have superb technical skills and you can use it anytime you want. Install the app to know how it helps you. Since it is free, you must grab the opportunity to try it. Many people already install the app and they are satisfied with the result.

Download and install Pomodoro Timer App today!