If you want to discover as well as capture Pokemon, then you can try PokemonGo app. You can join teams, start to battle and much more. In each level of the game, you catch more powerful Pokemon in completing Pokedex.

  • pokemongo app

Start to catch Pokémon with this free game and the good thing is that it is optimize for Smartphone and it is compatible for Android devices having 2GB RAM. You also need to know that the app may not run on some devices even though compatible OS versions are being installed. What is new in the version is that is has been updated to version 0.31.0, avatars can be re-customized, improved memory issues and others. The app gets more than 50 million installs.

PokemonGO App Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Enjoyable
  • Socialize with other people

PokemonGO App Cons

  • Need to play using internet connection
  • Compatibility details changed at any time

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Who Should Use the App?

Many people are having a fun playing Pokémon games and you can also try it. It is perfect for children, teenagers and adults. It is good for all ages, but parents need to supervise their children. Many people are getting addicted with the games since it gives them fun and joy. If you have an Android device, you should not miss to have PokemonGo.

Do not be outdated in trying the app. Pokemongo offers exceptional game that you can try anytime you want. You can have it in your phone and start to play the game. Users must need to have internet connection to play it. Everyone is installing and playing it on their Smartphone, you can also try. Finally, do not miss the chance to have it, especially it is being offered for free. Play Pokemongo anytime and anywhere you are.

Download the PokemonGO App now!