Phonto online is a simple application allowing users to add text in their pictures. Having the app in your phone gives you the chance to have access to over 200 fonts, you can also install other fonts, the text size can be change, and the color can be change as well as the text color. The text also is rotatable, the text background can be change, the letter spacing and line spacing.

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On the other hand, you should not install the app if you use it for iOS because the features of the app for Android are not the same for iOS. There is also free adding option of the app that removes all the advertisements. If you want to buy it, what you need to do is to go to the settings and tap the ad-free option button.

The app was updated in June 25, 2016 with a size of 16M. The current version of the app is 1.7.6 and it is compatible to all Android users.

Phonto Online Pros

  • App Phonto do a good job in saving photos in your gallery
  • It has cool stuff such as adding shapes and others
  • Using the free version gives satisfaction already

Phonto Online Cons

  • Too large pictures cause the app to crash that is why you only need to use small or medium image size. It is of

Who Should Use the App?

Phonto text image app is a great application that should be tried by all Android users. Using the free version gives satisfaction and contentment. You can do everything that you want whether it is adding text or shapes in your pictures. Trying the Phonto app is a good choice because it has many features that you will like. Installing it in your phone is easy to use and there are many things that you get to know.

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