Periscope app ReviewThis highly polished app has been spoken about in social media circles almost constantly since it first hit the market. Use the findings of this Periscope review to see what it has to offer you and why should you choose it among many others mobile app startups.

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What’s Great About Periscope

  • Using this live streaming app has been described by its founders as teleporting yourself into someone else’s life, and it’s true that it literally gives you a periscope view into another world.
  • You can easily find out when your favorite users are broadcasting by setting up the relevant push notifications for your phone. This is vital if you want to get that elusive periscope view into the life of a celebrity and interact with them by sending heart icons to show your appreciation.
  • If missed the live show, you can always watch the best parts with replay highlights.

What’s Bad About It

  • This app fulfils its stated aims marvellously, but there are a few bad things to say about Periscope. The main issue is that both you and the broadcaster will need a decent connection to maintain the live stream at full capacity.
  • Plus people complain that after updating, the app might keep crashing for a while.
  • One of the workarounds is to create a private stream, but of course, this means you have to be extra speedy to get access to your favorite broadcasters before the viewer quota fills up.

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Who Should Use the App

Whether you want to watch your favourite celebrity or just chat with people from around the world, this app can easily become your go-to broadcaster. All in all, this Periscope review can be safely said to recommend this app over the various other similar ones. It’s hard to see how it could be improved given the current limitations of mobile phone technology.

Do consider this Periscope review when choosing a live streaming app. You can download it for your phone right here.