With over text app, you can promote event, design greeting card, market real estate, layout business card, and joke around, caption your pets, and sell stuff and others. It is a good app that you can choose to beautify your photos because of its 280 fonts available, more than 910 illustrations and new content.

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If you do not have a photo, you should not worry because they will help you. Overapp partnered with great photo sources in giving you fresh images. What you need to do is to check out Pixabay and Unsplash under the Add-Ons. Using the app allows you to begin many projects and complete it. In fact, you can rename, delete and duplicate it as much as you want. Another thing is that you get free artwork every day that is created by amazing artists. You can also have perfect matching colors by using the color sampler. There are many things that you will like about the app. Read more in this Over App review.

Over App Pros

  • You can use the app in your social media posts, have inspirational quotes, birthday cards, business cards, iPhone wallpapers, presentation slides, event invites, recipes, instructions, Pinterest posts and much more
  • It is easy to use and you will have fun with it

Over AppCons

  • Have pesky bug making some fonts to disappear

Who Should Use the App?

This text pictures app can be use by anyone and they can download it in their devices. Using it gives you the chance to have awesome projects and others. It is flexible to use and you will not be disappointed with the result. The app is more than just an app because it has awesome selection when it comes to nice backgrounds, word art as well as graphics. You should not waste your time to other things, start to install the app and see what you can get with it. There are many options that you will like with the app.

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