OneNote vs Evernote vs SpringPad

We’d all like to be more productive with our time. We’d love to up our organisational game, draft more notes, file more documents, compile better to-do lists, and just generally be more efficient. This is not always easy to do, especially when we have nothing useful to help us make plans, track our progress, and make us accountable. This is where apps come in. Apps are constantly being developed that enhance our lives, making us more efficient, productive and effective. The three most awesome productivity apps on the market at the moment are:

  • OneNote
  • EverNote
  • SpringPad

They all have their pros and cons, but which one is right for you?

OneNote vs EverNote vs Springpad

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Great OneNote vs EverNote vs SpringPad debate

onenote vs evernote

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OneNote was developed by Microsoft. It aims to put all your notes into one easily accessible place, and basically works as your digital notebook for all your lists, lectures, notes and plans. You can type down notes, record videos, and synch it up with all your devices. You can even share all your notes with your friends and colleagues.

But how does OneNote measure up vs SpringPad vs Evernote?


  • Can enter voice notes
  • Access notes on your watch
  • Add video and audio to your notes
  • Works quickly


  • You need to have an existing Microsoft account to be able to use OneNote
  • Requires an Android OS that is as recent a the 4.1
  • Not the best design
  • Cannot recover notes that you’ve deleted by mistake
evernote vs onenote

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EverNote app is one of our personal favourite productivity apps. It’s perfect for small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals, from teachers to freelancers. It helps the most disorganised person get their life in gear by giving you somewhere really accessibly to make notes, do research, create lists, and generally organise all your various docs and files into one digital place. Lovely.

What about Evernote vs OneNote vs SpringPad?


  • Easily and quickly write notes and lists
  • Easy to organise your web articles and documents
  • 100 million people use it which means there are lots of like-minded people to share your work with
  • Everything is easily searchable
  • You can use it to plan your travel and track your expenses
  • Free to download and use


  • Still a few bugs remaining
  • Premium membership of $5 per month might be out of reach for some people
  • EverNote isn’t really compatible with bigger documents
springpad vs evernote

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SpringPad is a totally free web application that allows you to organise and share your info, ideas and documents. It acts like a social media tool for people who want to be more efficient and productive.

As you add content to SpringPad, the app instantly recognises it for what it is and places it in a specific category.

It is available on the Android, the iPhone and the iPad and synchs up to the web interface.

But how does it stack up in the great SpringPad vs EverNote vs debate? Let’s take a look.


  • Easy to spread ideas and information with millions of other users
  • Premise is similar to Pinterests but without the social push
  • The app supports one-touch clipping in Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Free to download and use


  • Navigation leaves a lot to be desired
  • Functionality is still a bit wooden and needs to be polished it
  • Sharing options are decidedly less than impressive

Okay, so we’ve tried OneNote vs EverNote vs SpringPad, and in our opinion EverNote wins hands down. Although the three apps above are all designed to help you get more organised and be more productive and efficient with your time, EverNote is a clear leader thanks to its interface, features and usability.

You can use EverNote to easily create and upload docs and articles to the Cloud, save photos and audio files, as well as use keywords and tags to easily search for those articles you thought were long gone. It’s basically the stick notes of 2016 and is indeed used for all those items you really wish you could have stuck somewhere noticeable all those years ago.