onenote review

OneNote can be use in keeping track of details that a person can put it into their sticky notes. Using it will allow sticky notes to be stored digitally. It gives you also the chance to quickly and easily find your notes. It is being use in saving list of items pertaining to particular task.

  • onenote review

OneNote Review Pros

  • OneNote app allows users to share notes easily
  • Notes on the procedures take several steps only
  • It will store notes digitally so that it will not be lost
  • Easier to track all your notes even though you have hundreds of documents
  • Can use pen in writing notes or to type notes wherein you will love the switch options because it offers convenience
  • Ease of access in terms of opening
  • The OneNote mobile allows users to personally records their notes
  • It has timelines and schedules tasks
  • Meetings on collaborative thoughts
  • Keeps classic Microsoft feel and look that is why it makes easy for users to be familiar with the feature
  • OneNote allows users to directly prints from their email to their notebook. It will allow them to save details without retyping it or saving it again to email
  • The app is easy to organize and manage. The tabs and the pages is flexible making it easy to manipulate

OneNote App Cons

  • It has problem when it comes to formatting because the space in writing will not go across entirety of screen
  • It has numerous color coding options
  • Collaborative tool will be good for teams who are using it, but if you have a team that do not share notes to each other, then the app will be useless
  • Renaming workbook the time it is created will be challenging, especially if the workbook is located in the shared drive

Who Should Use the App?

For persons who want to save their documents or notes, be it students, writers, teachers and others can use the app. Feel free to try the app so that you will know how it works. You can also read this Evernote review if you are searching for multiple options to choose from.

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