On the Snow Ski app ReviewThe pistes can be beautiful and serene at times, but they can quickly turn into a wintry hell. You really don’t want to get caught out by freak weather conditions. This On the Snow Ski review looks at whether this is the app to keep you safe. And it is one of the best ski apps out there.

  • on the snow ski review

Advantages of the On the Snow Ski App

  • The whole point of the On the Snow ski app is to deliver accurate daily reports about the snow conditions on more than 2,000 slopes around the world. It does this admirably and it’s worth getting for its coverage alone.
  • You can set yourself an On the Snow ski report for new snowfall. If you plug in a specific amount of snow you’d like to ski on, the app alerts you when just the right depth is fresh on the ground. This is pretty useful when you’re near a few different slopes and need to choose the best one.
  • Firsthand ski reports and photos from fellow skiers on the slopes right now.
  • Mountain overview with stats and snow history graph.
  • Many detailed trail maps.

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Disadvantages of the App

  • While you’ll usually find that your local On the Snow ski report is pretty accurate, there have been a few issues of late with advertising appearing in your app inbox.
  • Some locations have had problems with displaying webcams that provide real time information. It looks like the developers will get this fixed in due course, though.

This On the Snow ski review has given you the lowdown on what to expect from this useful little app. Despite the occasional teething issues with updates, it’s generally pretty reliable and certainly warrants your giving it a shot.

Make an informed decision based on this unbiased On the Snow ski review. Don’t get caught out unawares and fall victim to the elements.