Nus Extra App Review

Every penny counts when you’re a student and things haven’t become any easier since the tuition fees cap was raised threefold. Perhaps the NUS Extra app can help you to save money and become your favorite money manager app.

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Is the NUS UK App Worth It?

If you’re a student on this sceptered isle, you probably already well aware of the NUS UK discount for those students willing to shell out a small initial fee for the privilege of holding one of these cards. Having forked out to benefit from a UK student discount, this app knows that you need to find all the local places that accept your custom at a slightly lower rate, so that’s precisely what it does. You’ll get a live map that updates as soon as new offers become available.

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App Pros

  • You can search by keyword, category or location to find the deals you want and what’s on offer nearby so you’ll never miss out again.
  • You can instantly share the deals you love with your mates on Facebook and Twitter too.
  • You can find out about the deals that just went live through Bluetooth.

App Cons

  • As with many things in Britain, this app is a little too London-centric than residents of other areas would like. If you find yourself studying in a far-flung corner of the country, you might find it hard to enjoy your UK student discount as much as you ought to be able to. Getting recommendations for your nearest discounted restaurants found over 100 miles away is not what you want.
  • Some users have experienced troubles login in.
  • People also complain that the map sometimes doesn’t work and doesn’t allow you to add your location.

Who Should Use the App

Every student who lives in the UK will tell you that this app is a must for all the youth. If you’re studying in one of the country’s major cities, you’ll find the NUS Extra app indispensable for great deals. Otherwise, there’s not much point having it.

You might as well check out the NUS Extra app and see whether your area is full of awesome deals. Download it now and take a look.