Notegraphy app gives you new experience in sharing and writing text in social networks as well as messaging apps. With it, everything that you share and write will be beautiful. Many users like the app because of over 40 templates available and it is made by best graphic designers in the world. Using the app gives you the chance to follow people and find your friends that have written funny, inspiring and crazy stuff. You can make your own gallery with it.

  • Notegraphy App

What is new in the version is that is fixes some issues wherein you can install and use it anytime you want. You no longer need to have a hard time logging-in in your Facebook account. It has better stability on app. Notegraphy is a mobile and web application that rethinks the way you share and write text online by designing. With the app, you can make formatted layouts that look beautiful. Be it novel or single word, in just three easy steps, you can style, write and share your text.

Notegraphy App Pros

  • Automatic formatting
  • More than 25 curated collections of best graphic designers in the world
  • Instant sharing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr
  • Save notes and send via email or WhatsApp
  • Create your customized and personal gallery
  • Be inspired by browsing best notes that is created by others
  • It is multi platform supported available on iOS and web

Notegraphy App Cons

  • Some extra bugs

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Who Should Use the App?

This is an app for writing quotes that you can install in your phone. It gives you the chance to have stunning content. It has many options that you can choose from that meet your needs. Whether you want to edit your picture or notes, the app is good to use. There are many available apps online that you can check out, but if you want to have the one that is proven and tested, then Notegraphy is what you need to have.

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