Mysupermarket app ReviewThe most important thing to consider when conducting a mySupermarket review is whether you can actually consider it to be one of the working money saving apps. Most supermarkets compete with one another in various ways to make shopping cheaper for certain customers, and this app is supposed to help you cut out the games and get yourself a deal.

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Make the Most Out of the mySupermarket App Pros

  • You can use the mySupermarket app to compare major supermarkets and even shop in several at the same time if that helps you save overall.
  • It’s not all about price though, as it also provides information on portion size and nutrition.
  • The most useful function lets you compare shop prices for your weekly shopping list, showing you the cheapest way to get everything you need at that given moment in time.
  • You can even print this off and still benefit from the information while shopping in store in person.

Technical Troubles and Cons

  • It’s all well and good being able to compare shop prices quickly, but the user interface needs to be perfect for this to really work properly. Unfortunately, a sizeable number of phone users have trouble with the keyboard input while typing in the search bar. The app seems not to recognize some key touches, leaving you with a frustrating search experience if your phone is affected.
  • Other people also complain that the app sometimes can’t detect the product and says that this particular place doesn’t sell it, when on the official website of the store you can easily find that said product.

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The salient point of this mySupermarket review is that you’ll certainly manage to save money on your shopping, but you might have a little trouble if your phone isn’t quite compatible.

Consider the issues discussed here in this mySupermarket review. Check it out and see if you can save a few bob.