my fitness pal review

MyFitnessPal is a site helping people to count their calories through entering in online diary and to keep track of users exercise. It is perfect for anyone who has a busy life seeking for a way to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle. MyFitness Pal app is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows devices.

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MyFitness Pal Review Pros

  • Convenience: App my fitness pal is allowing users to log food anywhere and they have database having 3,282,000 foods that they can choose from
  • All changes that are being made via phone will also be made on website
  • My fitness pal calorie counter will help you to count your calories and will know how much calories you lose
  • Using self-monitoring calories app will let the user track their calories and its MyFitnessPal gives to its members. The digital calorie diary is effective compared to traditional self promoting for the reason that it gives direct feedback to users and it gives details about their health
  • Personal diet profile is available and it can be changed in fitting to the user’s specific needs whether they want strict diet or certain recommendations from dietitian or doctor. The app is calculating the calories based on weight, height, lifestyle and gender

MyFitnessPall App Cons

Even though app my fitness pal is allowing individuals to scan barcode of food product that go to digital diary, there is a problem with the scanner sometimes because the product cannot be find, which means it needs a constant updating. Also, the app will not let members to edit the amount of the consumed food

If you do not have wireless signal, you cannot log in to the program that is why it is required to have wireless signal so that you can even see the record that the app has

Who Should Use the App?

If you want to lose diet or maintain a healthy weight, then you need to use MyFitnessPal app because it will be your help to record your weight and to know how much calories you lose.

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