is one of the most popular apps allowing you to make music videos. Users need to choose the song they want and start recording themselves dancing, lip-syncing or singing. Kids can use the app and when they are done in recording, they can add filters and effects. The videos can be shared on social networks.

  • musical ly review encouragers kids, adults or teenagers to share their post on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Vine and Instagram. The good thing is that they can save video in their camera roll or post it on some online communities. All the accounts are public be default. This means that if you post a certain video, everyone can see it. If you want to make your account to private, check its settings. If you have private account, your approved followers can also see your creations. Learn more in this App review. App Pros

  • is good for teenagers
  • Adult content can be kept from children
  • Make private account
  • Discover exciting artists and music
  • Edit videos by using creative filters and effects such as time lapse, hyper speed and slow motion
  • Has music video community App Cons

  • Some Android phone and tablets models are not fully supported by current version
  • Some glitches and issues

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Who Should Use the App?

Kids and adults can use the app, but it is important for parents to supervise their kids, especially when it comes to adult contents. They need to hide the contents that kids should not see. Overall, the app is perfect for everyone who wants to listen to music, share or add some effects and filters on their videos. Reading review will help you to decide whether you have the app for yourself or not. If you believe that it is a good app and it is entertaining in some ways, then you must have it. Start to have today!

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