Snap ChatEver fancied pretending that you’re Johnny Depp winning an Oscar? This lifelong dream for many of us is about to become a reality, thanks to a new app called MSQRD. You’ve probably seen what MSQRD can do without realising it. Those funny cat whiskers, bunny ears and big teeth that make you LOL at your friend’s pictures? Yep, those filters are the design of MSQRD.

MSQRD is essentially a face switch Android app that was created by Masquerade Technologies. Released in time for Christmas 2015, it’s described as an app that allows you to “record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to your friends via your favourite messengers and social media networks.”

Basically, you can slot real-time filters over your face while chatting to your friends. The guys behind the app themselves describe it thus:

“Our company has assembled together a dream-team of leading experts in the fields of machine learning, face detection and tracking, facial expression recognition, 3D-graphics and visual effects. Due to the use of advanced proprietary mathematical algorithms developed by our mathematicians, our products deliver the level of performance, robustness and quality not seen in any other products available on the market.”

Face SwapThe app is actually now owned by Facebook, after the media giant bought it back in March 2016. Mark Zuckerberg broke the news of the acquisition with a video of himself working on a piece of coding while using the app. Donning Iron Man’s mask, he cheerfully explained that MSQRD would now be fully compatible with Facebook.

The app, which was backed by a host of ambitious investors, is available in beta for Android (similar to Blab), and the team have promised that many more masks will be added in the future. You can launch it on an Android device with the latest 4.4 version, but if you’re using an old smartphone you can install custom firmwares with Android, such as MIUI, AOSP and Cynanongenmod. You can find more information here.

Why Is MSQRD So Popular?

Everyone loves to swap faces right now. And while being owned by Facebook has certainly boosted its appeal, celebrity endorsement has also helped. And you know a face-switching app is popular when UK supermodel and Instagram star Cara Delevigne has been using and championing it. She loves it so much that she used the the face swap app Android to turn herself into Leonardo Di Caprio on Oscar’s night.

One of the prime reasons it’s growing in popularity is because real-time video is very much in right now. More and more businesses and individuals alike are recording themselves and instantly uploading to the Internet for the world to see. And MSQRD is riding the crest of a wave by virtue of the fact that it’s so much fun and easy to use.


And when we say fun, we mean FUN!!

Users can transform the way they look via face masks and cool effects. You can face swap with a buddy (or your grandmother), turn yourself into a famous person, or even morph into a zombie to scare your mom. The app allows you to easily and quickly save and share your videos, but its main USP is that it lets anyone broadcast themselves live. For this reason alone, MSQRD is proving a hit on Facebook and Instagram, where live videos are boosting the popularity of blogs and fan pages.

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What Face Switch Android Alternatives Are There?

MSQRD isn’t the only face-switching app available. For the sake of comparison, let’s see what else is on the market:

ListFace Swap

msqrd app

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Face Swap is a fantastically fun app that allows users to swap all the faces in their photos. Not only can you switch faces, but you can also cut images into any shape. You can also use the app to zoom, pinch, flip and rotate a cropped image, as well as swap unlimited faces. You can then use the app to save your photographs before sharing with your friends on social media. As fun as Face Swap is, you can’t record videos with it.

ListSnap Chat

face swap app androidSnap Chat is hugely popular, and everyone uses it from your mom (okay she downloaded the app and will figure it out soon) to your favourite celebrity.

Snap Chat is allows you to share a moment with your buddies instantly. If you’re out chasing UFO’s and want a friend to share in the moment, you can do it right there and then (let’s just hope they don’t witness you getting abducted).

Snap Chat is super playful and addictive, but it has its limits. It has a Lenses feature which makes it similar to MSQRD, but its tech is not as good. Moreover, videos time out after ten seconds.

ListCam Mask

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Cam Mask makes your video chat even more fun by letting you cover your face with thousands of special effects (though preferably not all at the same time). This means that while you’re talking to a friend, you can apply a filter that makes you look like a zombie.

Cam Mask can be used by individuals and businesses alike who want to put a bit of fun into their video calls. You can turn yourself into a celebrity, create multiple viewports, as well as draw anything you want in the video-chat screen. Cam Mask, though, can only be used on your webcam during a one-on-on call and your videos can’t be uploaded to social media.

Why Is MSQRD Better?

MSQRD has the edge over its rivals because it’s stuffed with faces, filters, and a variety of standout features, including a brand new Astronaut effect that makes it look as though you’re in deep space, as well as new country flag masks for when you want to show your support to your favourite national team. It’s really one of the best apps of this kind. It’s heaps of fun and because the MSQRD team have now partnered up with Amazon, we expect many more hilarious features to be added in the future.

MSQRD – Live Filters for Selfie

Check out our infographic we made. It will tell you how to use MSQRD even if your android device is not supported it.


Now, where’s my MSQRD zombie filter… Find out more with us!