mobileday review

Mobileday app is an innovative app that is designed to be your mobile assistant. If you are frustrated because you forgot that you have a conference call, it will create damage to your career, but with the help of the app, it will prevent from happening it again. It allows you to keep your conferences and meeting calls.

  • mobileday review

Mobileday Review Pros

  • The app gives you ten free calls every month if you choose free version
  • It has intuitive and simple user interface, which is perfect for all type of users
  • The Mobileday conference call app has good FAQ section as well as video tutorials
  • It automates process of connecting conference calls
  • The app does what it’s supposed to do
  • It works with numerous providers of conference calls
  • Road warriors easier
  • It is working with Google calendars and Exchange
  • It has a 30 seconds pre-call reminder
  • You have a difficult time finding problems with the app
  • It takes all feedback seriously
  • It is a simple conference calling app that you will find and it is available on iOS platform
  • It has a nice and clean interface featuring 2 tone color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes
  • Each of the tool that you need to set up is easy to access from menu in left top corner
  • There are many features that will help you in figuring out how you will use the app which include FAQ page or video
  • It will connect you to meeting automatically and will remind you on your next meeting

Mobileday App Cons

  • Contains in-app purchase
  • It is sometimes confusing to learn how to use it properly

Who Should Use the App?

Professionals, especially those who have business or companies who do not want to miss a conference call should use the app. It will be helpful on their part since they will be reminded that they have a conference call. Use Mobileday so that you will not forget your meetings and conference calls.

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