If you want to boost your revenue and get an even bigger market share of your target audience, you need to make the most out of the latest mobile apps for business owners. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or you’ve already hit the big time, you could benefit from all the advantages that mobile apps have to offer. Check out these 15 clever apps and find the ones that suit your business plan.

How Can a Smartphone Application Help Me?

Nowadays your average phone has a vast computing power and is easily able to execute all manner of complex functions to help you maximize your business potential. By using a smartphone application, you can monitor all your financial data and see where you can make efficiency savings. Of course, you can also be reassured about what you’re doing perfectly as well. Any business mobile application worth its salt will truly help you to boost your business to the next level.

Working While on the Go

Needless to say, there’ll be times when you have to edit a document to reflect the latest changes in the running of your business. If you’re on the road at the time, you can hardly use wait until your reach your destination. Most people still use Microsoft Office for all their documentation needs and it’s always best to stick to the common denominator even if you have a preferred program.

  • Google Docs. It is perhaps the easiest way to share all manner of business documents including images, videos, slideshows and more. You can edit your documents with ease and share them via your Google Drive account or even just generate a link to paste to all your colleagues.
  • Adobe Reader. It can be difficult to edit and create PDF files while on the move, especially if you want to do it for free. As you won’t find Adobe Reader installed on any Apple phone that’s come straight from the factory, you’d better download it right away.
  • Genius Scan. On the flip side, if you intend to make a PDF for others to view, you probably didn’t know that there’s now a way to do this from your mobile in certain cases. Use the Genius Scan app to create your very own document from an image.
  • TripIt. If you’re planning a business trip with a group of colleagues, you don’t want even one of them to mess up when it comes to hotel check-in or flight departure times. Let TripIt turn your convoluted travel plans into one simple itinerary containing all the information you need.

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Managing the Minutiae

When it comes to your business, you probably don’t want to get bogged down in details that really ought to be automated. That’s where B2B apps come to rescue.

  • Gusto. Use Gusto to make sense of your employee payroll, including any tax issues and company benefits. You can use it to send automated reports to the relevant governmental authorities, letting you handle tax filing at any level of government from local to state to federal.
  • QuickBooks. No matter what your noble intentions might be, nothing is achieved without your having a good grip on your financial situation. Use QuickBooks to keep on top of your accounting. This clever app lets you track your profits and losses, pay your suppliers and employees, and keep an eye on any unpaid bills and invoices.
  • FreshBooks. If you’re new to the business game, you’re going to be keen on projecting a professional image that does your innovative product the justice it deserves. Use FreshBooks to draw up polished invoices to send to your esteemed clients.
  • Expensify. Make sure your employees use their expenses account responsibly when you opt for Expensify. This app links company credit cards directly to the expenses account, creating an accurate and honest report of everything spent.

Communication Is the Key

When your business contacts are spread right across the globe it can be hard to bring everyone together for a proper conference or even an informal meeting. Even when you find a suitable platform, there’s always someone who can’t access it. Trouble yourself with this no more, and get hold of Fuze.

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Optimizing Your Output

If you find yourself running out of time in the day, then you’re not alone by any means. Here are a few useful apps that can take that burden off your shoulders:

  • RescueTime. Try using RescueTime to keep an eye on the time you spend using various apps and completing different tasks. You’ll soon see what you spend your day doing and how you can improve with just a little focus. It’ll even block distracting websites if you need it.
  • My Minutes. You can even go one step further and make absolutely certain that you’ll remain focused on the day’s agenda. Use My Minutes to set yourself achievable time-based goals which will keep you on track for success.
  • Proven. If you want to get the best employees, you’ll next to cast your net wide. Let Proven help you to post job offers, sort through all the responses and work out just who you need to employ.
  • Trello. Proper management is the key to a positive outcome. Everyone needs to pull in the same direction, and Trello will help you to arrange tasks, upload all the relevant documents and plan your project.

Check out each of these suggestions and find the business mobile application that suits your personal requirements. When looking through all the different mobile apps for business, make sure that you get one that matches your goals and objectives and you’ll soon see those metrics rise and rise.

Bulletproof your company’s plans when you use the best mobile apps for business owners. A small step towards getting the apps you need will help you make that giant leap you’ve always wanted to make.