MixCloud vs SoundCloud vs Reverbnation

Which Music App Is the Best out of MixCloud vs SoundCloud vs ReverbNation?

There are some major players in the highly competitive music streaming service world, including Spotify. But for music creators who are on the lookout for niche, alternative music apps that helps them promote their songs to a wider audience, services such as SoundCloud and MixCloud are here to help.

These artist apps allow you to easily upload your music and mixes, before your fans can discover you, as well as a whole host of other previously unheard of artists. For fans, you can download music for free, or you can make a small paid contribution.

But which one is better out of ReverbNation vs SoundCloud vs MixCloud? Let’s take a look.

MixCloud vs ReverbNation vs SoundCloud



mixcloud vs soundcloud

image credit: support.mixcloud.com

MixCloud gives you access to free DJ mixes, radio shows and podcasts that are otherwise difficult to find. It’s really easy to search, browse and discover your new favourite artist, and you can follow presenters and DJ’s so that you never miss a beat.

Aimed at DJ’s and fans of electronic music, MixCloud is used by the likes of recognized names such as Avicii and FatBoy Slim, and offers some awesome on-demand a radio stations and podcasts, including The Guardian podcasts and Absolute Radio.

The goal of the founders of MixCloud is to reinvent radio so that it is more sociable, personalized and democratic. But how does this app fare vs ReverbNation vs SoundCloud?


  • Solid amount of mixes available
  • New mixes being added all the timeLots of excellent music on tap
  • Great way for DJs to promote their music


  • New updates can cause bugs
  • Occasionally stops playing and loses its place in the middle of a mix
  • Comes with a few niggling buffering issues


reverbnation vs soundcloud

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SoundCloud is one of the most popular free alternative music streaming apps that gives you instant access to previously unheard of bands and artists.  This app allows you to find new and trending music that is impossible to find elsewhere, make new friends by commenting on your favorite tracks, share music on social media, customize your listening experience so that you get to hear more of what you like, and create playlists for your next party or workout. New tracks are being added to SoundCloud all the time by users. With a real community feel, it’s an app that’s growing in popularity.

But how does it measure up vs MixCloud vs ReverbNation?


  • Uploading your own music is easy
  • You can either upload a pre-recorded file, or record on the spot
  • File sizes are unlimited
  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Share your music privately or to your social networks


  • You can’t edit tracks that have been recorded on the spot
  • Free version is limited, while the subscription service is costly
  • You need to create an account before you can comment (most fans generally don’t take the time to create accounts)


soundcloud vs reverbnation

image credit: reverbnation.com

ReverbNation is an Artist App aimed primarily at artists who are looking to promote their music to a wider audience. Using this app, artists are able to easily manage their shows, check their statistics, update their status, and reach out to their fans.  Perhaps the best feature of ReverbNation is the fact that artists can connect with their fans – and vice versa. Discovering new music is easy, and there is a real community feel here. The new version 2.8.7 coms with lots of new features and improvements, including better song streaming performance, while issues surrounding Dropbox have been fixed. Great for musicians and fans alike, it’s got a lot to like.

But how does it compare vs MixCloud vs SoundCloud?


  • Fantastic platform for artists
  • Ideal for musicians who are looking to market themselves
  • Professionally put together
  • Gives artists more time to focus on their music
  • Artists take home all the money they make from their music
  • Fans can easily make their own playlists
  • Comes with a useful embedding feature


  • There are a lot of tools, which can easily get confusing
  • There is a lot of social spam too, it can be costly, especially if you’re an artist working on a tight budget
  • There is a size limit – 8MB for MP3s

Choosing the type of artist streaming app that is best for you will likely come down to the type of music you make, as well as how much you can afford. SoundCloud gives you access to a wider audience, but ReverbNation is a much better marketing tool. MixCloud, meanwhile, is ace for DJ’s who want to share their mixes with the world – but it is let down by buffering issues.

Our top pick out of MixCloud vs SoundCloud vs ReverbNation?

SoundCloud. It’s got worldwide appeal, is easy to use for fans, and comes with comments and sharing options that ensure you get the feedback you need. You may also check our full list of best music apps.