Mint app ReviewIf you need a quick and easy way to understand your financial situations at any given moment, there are several money saving apps out there. Use this Mint review to work out whether it’s the right financial analysis app for you.

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Staying in the Black With the Mint App

To define what is Mint app in a single phrase is not so easy, but you could say that keeping an eye on your expenses and budgeting so that you stay in great financial shape is the bread and butter of the Mint app.

  • It automatically sorts your types of expenditure into individual categories to help you work out where your money is going each month.
  • One of the most often advertised pieces of information about Mint is its goal management function and it works pretty well on account of the category-based expenses breakdown.
  • It has an eye-pleasing design.
  • A lot of useful charts and graphs to visualize your information.

A Point of Concern

If you’re wondering what is Mint app bad at doing and trying to gather as much information about Mint as you can, then you’re certainly savvy enough to realize one problem that could potentially arise.

  • While it’s not directly a criticism of Mint itself, giving your account numbers and any other sensitive information to a third party service is never that clever an idea. It’s certainly not recommended by most financial institutions. Though safe to use, if this service were to become prey to skilled hackers, you might have a problem.
  • Weird category names. Sometimes the app may randomly pick a category for your expense that doesn’t make any sense.

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Who Should Use the App

If you’re having a hard time managing your finances, this app will definitely become your savior. It will help you to see the full picture of your financial situation and assist in finding ways to improve it. Use the findings of this balanced Mint review and work out whether the inherent risks are worth the trouble to keep you in the black.

Consider this Mint review carefully when planning your financial future. If you like what you’ve read, try it out now.