MindNode app creates mind mapping excellent. Mind maps are visual presentation of ideas that start with central thought. The app gives you the opportunity to organize, share and brainstorm your thoughts in intuitive way in order to be focus on what you need to do. With its clean interface, it allows you to concentrate on connecting and generating thoughts.

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MindNode helps many students, project managers and artists to be creative without using much effort. By using the app, you can brainstorm, make new ideas, make numerous mind maps, make connections between topics and add stickers and photos in illustrating your ideas. Aside from this, the app helps you to organize your content, rearrange your thoughts, add notes on your topics and get things done excellently. What is new in the version is that is fixes the performance issue about tasks, restore scroll position and other minor issues.

MindNodeApp Pros

  • Excellent prototyping tool
  • Has good functionality
  • Has beautiful interface

MindNode App Cons

  • No presentation mode where users can unfold or fold branches

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Who Should Use the App?

Students, project managers and artists can use the app to be a more creative person. If you want to do something that will help you to brainstorm, create new ideas and illustrate your ideas, you can use MindNode. If you want to know more about the app, then you can check out MindNode review online. There are many reviews about the app that you can read that helps you to decide, whether you want it or not. It is better if you know its pros and cons so that you will know what to get and not if you install the app. Finally, MindNode is perfect for students, project managers and artists out there.

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