Mindjet app ReviewWhen you need to organize lots of complex information, a visual interface is often the way to go. That’s when mind mapping apps come into play. Use this Mindjet review to find out whether this is the app for you.

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App Pros: Why You Should Use This App

This app is a condensed form of the original and acclaimed Windows-based program. As such.

  • It can easily be used as a MindManager viewer, letting you keep track of your projects while on the go.
  • Aside from using it as a MindManager viewer, you can make use of all kinds of mobile features to capture information as it comes to you.
  • The Mindjet app lets you manage all kinds of supporting information via a series of options for attachments and links. This makes it far more useful than a simple brainstorming app.

There are many apps that can help you to create mind maps. For example, Mindnode. Check out our Freemind review to learn pros and cons of the app.

App Cons: A Few Reasons to Think Twice

Much like anything, the Mindjet app doesn’t come up only smelling of roses.

  • Despite its great user interface, the Android version doesn’t have a useful manual save option.
  • Switching between different apps is a real risk, and you’ll have to tap the “back” button to get it to save your work.
  • Another issue some users have had affects the use of xmind files. If you change one of these files using the app, you may not be able to reopen it until you get back to your desk and use a computer.

Who Should Use the App

Whether you need to keep track of your daily chores, work-related or homework tasks, this app can help you out a great deal. You can create as many tasks and subtasks as you want on any topic. Make the most of this Mindjet review when you’re choosing a visual ideas management app. Consider the ups and downs of using this app.

Consider all the points from our  Mindjet review and decide whether it is a perfect app fro you.