Leankit app is one of the leading work management tools online that can give you all the benefits you are looking for when it comes to task management. It helps you to visualize workflow and work, identify opportunities and to collaborate effectively. You can easily access your boards.

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Some of the features of the app, includes accessing and viewing your boards, navigating directly cards from embedded links in notifications and emails. Zoom and pinch to have focus on portions of your work, to update, delete, create or comment on cards and much more. LeanKit is a flexible platform that is designed for practical implementation. You can share status and activity that manage both process work and project. The app works by making visual model of your work team as well as workflow. It gives consolidated and single view that team can access easily across numerous devices, systems and locations. The app was updated last July 29, 2016.

LeanKitApp Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Powerful project and task management
  • Tasks on board can be made depending to tasks on other boards
  • Has consistent design in all aspect of the system
  • Has customizable workflow rules

LeanKitApp Cons

  • It may not adopt to users preferred project management style
  • Lackluster for Android support
  • Hard to see your personal responsibility

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Who Should Use the App?

If you have a small business that use Kanban-style project management system, then the app is perfect for you. It is an excellent way in taking your solutions to next level. It is good for businesses out there who want to manage their project management. LeanKit review will help you to decide, whether it is the app you are looking for or not. It will help you to know the features as well as the benefits of the app. The good thing with it is that you will not have a hard time to use it. You can try LeanKit anytime you want.

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