joinme review

Joinme is a company that is being top in offering a good service.  With this Joinme review, you will know the good and bad sides of it. The review will help you to know more information about the company.

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Joinme App Pros

  • Free trial: You cannot learn much of the app if it does not have free trial that is why the app is giving a free trial for users. They have free trials on products available so that you can see and test how it works before you decide to pay the monthly fee. They also have free version that you can try for yourself.
  • Customer support: Joinme app is a free screen sharing and they are offering a good range of support to customers like email, live chat and phone support. Even though phone support is only available to paid users, the free users can still avail of the email and live chat support. The live chat is great for new users and for businesses needing resolution in continuing their operations.
  • Free meetings: The good thing with the app is that is gives an stress free and easy free way in conducting meetings as well as conferences calls. It does not need any complicated codes and long set ups. There is also no additional software needed. If you want to start a meeting, you just click the button with orange color. You can have a free online meeting that you want.
  • Mobile white board: It allows you to sketch, freely draw, and add graphics and pictures during presentation.

Joinme Review Cons

  • Limited use mobile: The app is being offered in multiple devices like iOS, Amazon, Windows and Android. Using the app with the use of mobile will limit users to join meeting.

Who Should Use the App?

Anyone who is in business can use the app, especially if they need to set a meeting. It can also used in viewing meetings. If you are busy and want to set a new meeting instantly, you can use Joinme.

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