imgur review

With the recent update launched last February 10, 2016, Imgur has made significant updates to the Imgur mobile application. Many of its users have expressed that the app is a bit raw, but many of them have also shown a great appreciation towards having a very entertaining app to view internet contents on their phones. With that being said, let’s go ahead and continue with this review.

  • imgur review

Imgur Pros

Imgur App ProsIf you are looking for a particular photo or image, reaction GIF or post, the Imgur application lets you search for that. All that you have to do is to type in “r/” before performing a search.

Imgur App ProsOne of the best thing about the Imgur mobile app is that users can enjoy any of the day’s most amazing pictures, images, memes and GIFs just by installing the app right on their mobile device.

Imgur App ProsWhat’s also good about the app is that its users can save their most favorite posts so that they can view it later when they have the time.

Imgur App ProsAnother cool thing about these photo sharing apps is that it lets its users share a post that they like through Messenger, Twitter, 9GAG, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and many more using in-app buttons.

Imgur Cons

Imgur App ConsOne of the things that its developers have to address is the fact that the screen still flashes when it is loading even after the update was released.

Who Should Use Imgur?

Anyone who is basically online all the time can choose to take advantage of what useful Android apps brings to the table. Though it is considerably a fairly raw app, as some would say, many still considers this to be a useful app to spend their time. Any Imgur review states that the app is definitely necessary have for teens and adults who wish to view nice web contents before going to work. Well then, try it for yourself today!