iHeart vs Pandora vs Tunein

Which Free Radio Streaming App Is the Best out of iHeart vs Pandora vs TuneIn?

More and more of us are listening to our music from free or paid music streaming apps. It’s convenient, saves on space, and it helps us to discover fresh artists we’ve never heard before.

Moreover, it’s also really easy to share our favorite songs with other people and compile playlists.

But getting the most enjoyment out of this new way of listening to, discovering and sharing music is dependent on you choosing the right app. To help you make a better informed decision today, let’s take a look at which is better: iHeart vs Pandora vs TuneIn.

TuneIn vs iHeart vs Pandora

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iheart vs pandora

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The iHeart app gives you unprecedented access to the world of radio and music at the touch of just a few buttons. You can browse radio stations, podcasts, news, music, talk and sports shows, as well as comedy shows.

The app gives you the chance to listen to existing radio stations or customize your own so that you only listen to the songs you like to hear, and is compatible with smartphones, iPad’s, Kindle Fire, Windows 10, the Amazon Fire and more. You can even access it in your car on the move!

A brand new version 6.3.0 is now available, and it comes with a more stripped back, minimalist design, and is free from less bugs than last time around. But how does it fare vs TuneIn vs Pandora?


  • Offers a wealth of live radio streams
  • Free to download
  • Audio quality is ace
  • Curated radio stations on offers
  • Few ads


  • Not exactly user friendly
  • Interface too busy
  • You can’t create your own playlists, which might be a deal breaker for some
  • The mobile version is buggy
  • Limited choice of genres


tunein vs pandora

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Pandora aims to be the next big noise in music streaming apps after Spotify. Hugely sociable, you can easily share your favourite songs or whole stations to Facebook and twitter, and you can also use it to make new friends.

Users can listen to Pandora anywhere, from computer browsers to their cars, and it’s totally free to download. One of the best things about this app is that discovering new music is really easy. All you need to do is enter the name of a band, artist or song you like, and Pandora offers recommendations and suggestions.

A brand new version is now out which has fixed some of the most niggling bugs. But how does it measure up vs iHeart vs TuneIn?


  • Simple enough to use
  • Wide choice of genres on offer
  • The mobile version works well
  • Neat and useful bookmarking system
  • Lets you read lyrics on screen
  • You can track your activities
  • Easy to share on social medial


  • Lots of ads, many of which are intrusive
  • The premium service doesn’t offer much value for money
  • There are lots of useful features – but they’re hard to find
  • Some of the lyrics are missing
  • Registration takes a while and can be a pain


pandora vs tunein

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TuneIn comes with a free version and a premium version. Searching for a station, podcast or show is really easy and quick, as is discovering new bands, artists and songs.

There are over 100,000 live radio stations available on TuneIn, as well as even more shows and podcasts that subscribers can listen to anywhere they want.

It isn’t just about music. Users can listen to their favorite sports, listen to audio books, and even learn a new language. The selection of free music, sports, news and talk radio is so big that it’s the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

But how does TuneIn vs Pandora vs iHeart fare?


  • Huge selection of radio stations
  • Can rewind live radio, as well as record it
  • Awesome audio quality
  • Ability to stream in the background
  • Free trial


  • Some content is blocked
  • New design lacks the intuition of the old one
  • Can only stream podcasts rather than seek

The music app world is hugely competitive, with many apps vying for your attention. All the above 3 have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but our personal pick in the iHeart vs Pandora vs TuneIn debate is TuneIn. With hundreds of thousands of radio stations and a focus on sports, talk AND music, it’s ideal for anyone and everyone.