What is iFunny app? It is an app that you should not miss because it has fresh set of features that you must try. Be it a slow day or boring class, iFunny is always there to give you funny moments. There are many things that you can check out in the app such as weekly polls, myriads of stability improvements and much more. The app was updated last July 29, 2016 and it gets more than 10 million installs. Android users can install the app in their phone and start to know what they get with it.

  • ifunny app review

It is important to know the pros and cons of the app before you install it and iFunny app review will help you to get ideas. Be sure that you know enough details about the app before you decide so that you will not regret your decision.

iFunny App Pros

  • Cute memes
  • It has magnificent customer support and service
  • Easy to use

iFunny App Cons

  • Missing socks
  • There are comments that do not support the app
  • No sort option

Who Should Use the App?

If you are bored in your class or going to office, app iFunny is a good choice. The fact is that it is good for everyone because children and adults can use it. The app gets many downloads and you can also try it for yourself to see what others experience. It is a good app to ease boring moments. You can use it anywhere you are, especially if you are bored. It is a great app that is worth trying. If you have android device, be sure to have it for yourself so that you will not miss those funny moments and better to check it out try to know more about its features.

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