Huddle app is good for iPhone and iPad users. It gives instant access to your notifications, tasks, activity feed as well as files. If you have important business content from the app, it can be automatically downloaded in your device so that you can work with it later.

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The Huddle app requires users to have an account and using it is a good choice because you can comment and review files with offline sync and suggested files that give access to your content. You can respond and read to essential notifications from your team, you can check out what you will do for the day and much more. Huddle provides secure and simple online workspaces that contain great collaboration tools. It is based in cloud, which means you do not need to download any software. For 14 days, you can try the app.

Huddle App Pros

  • Unlimited users and you can invite many individuals as you want
  • You can make discussions and brainstorm ideas
  • Make documents online
  • Exceptional file management
  • Simple with high and flexible interface
  • Helpful interactive videos and tutorials
  • There are options in integrating webinars and phone conferencing

Huddle App Cons

  • There is no chat feature to have synchronous collaboration
  • There is no reporting tools

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Who Should Use the App?

The app is food for people who want to manage their project management with the use of their phone even though they are offline in their Huddle account. It is easy and simple to use so you do not need to worry about having great technical skills. It is good to use by businesses for virtual collaboration. With Huddle review, you get to know many things about it. You know the pros and cons that will help you to decide, whether it is the app you want or not. If you want to have the app, check it out.

Download and install the Huddle App now!