Hours app ReviewUsing timekeeping apps has a reputation for being an irritating process, and not something you would do unless it were absolutely necessary. It doesn’t have to be like that, though, as there are a few interesting little apps that promise to change everything. Check out this Hours review and see if this time recording app makes a difference.

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What’s Good About the Hours App?

  • The main positive thing to say about the Hours app is that it’s simple to use and pleasant enough to look at. You can easily set different timers and switch between them when you need to.
  • You can set yourself reminders if you haven’t started your timer by a certain time. It’ll even remind you to switch your timer off after a specified period of time so you don’t accidentally leave it running.
  • When it comes to your need to track hours app choice is key. The color-coded approach injects just enough attractiveness into Hours that it’s reasonably enjoyable to use.

What’s Not So a Good About It?

  • If you like to take a weekly approach to track hours app functions in Hours are just right. This might be a negative for some, because when you export data from the app work hours can be reported only one week at a time.
  • Another issue is that when you use the CSV format to export from the app work hours that have been left blank end up becoming cells with a bunch of symbols instead of a white space.

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Who Should Use the App

If you’re the one who keeps forgetting to track your time in the first place or to note when you change tasks. Or do you forget to stop a timer after you start one? With this app you won’t have any of these problems. Overall, you can consider this Hours review to be a positive one. Just be aware of the minor issues above and you’ll enjoy using it.

Consider the upsides and downsides expounded in this Hours review. You can download the app now and try it out.