hailo vs uber vs gett


hailo vs uber

Image credit: http://gett.com/

The good folk behind Gett like to style themselves as “London’s favourite black taxi app.” You can use it if you own a small business and need to regularly transport your team members across the city, a driver or a passenger. The app is free to download and works with the iPhone and Android. Although it styles itself as London’s favourite black taxi app, Gett is available in 57 cities across 4 different countries: UK, Russia, Israel and the USA, and is backed by $207,000,000 in funding.

But how does Gett compare vs Uber vs Hailo?


  • Payment can be cashless if you prefer
  • No minimum fare!
  • No hidden costs or extra charges, and prices do not surge at the weekend
  • You can track your cab so that you know how much longer you’ll be waiting
  • Just one click and a taxi can be on its way
  • All black cabs are licensed
  • 24/7 customer care service


  • Comes with a few bugs
  • Has a tendency to freeze
  • Doesn’t have as many cars as Uber and therefore a cab is not always available

In conclusion in the great Gett vs Uber vs Hailo debate, Uber undeniably comes out on top. It has more cabs than the Hailo and Gett, and services more locations – six continents! The downside is that it is banned in a few cities too, so don’t expect it to necessarily come to a town near you any time soon.

However, if you need a taxi booking app that is reliable and speedy, Uber is your buddy.