hailo vs uber vs gett


gett vs uber

Hailo has the distinct advantage of being founded by both cab drivers and Internet entrepreneurs. Therefore, this taxi booking app knows the business inside out. Investors include Sir Richard Branson and Union Square Investors, while the app is currently available in 20 cities worldwide, including Madrid, London and Osaka.

But how does Hailo fare vs Uber and Gett?


  • Inexpensive cab fares which are usually lower than regular taxis
  • Setting up your location is easy
  • You can choose whether you want a luxury car or a classic cab
  • You know how much your fare will cost before you jump in
  • All your receipts are stored on record


  • Inexpensive service sometimes doesn’t always mean the best service
  • No estimated time of arrival option
  • Lots of complaints about the unprofessionalism of the drivers
  • Can use up a lot of your battery