hailo vs uber vs gett

The world in 2016 is more fast-paced than ever before, with many of us living very busy lives. Which is exactly where top quality e-hail cab apps come in handy for when you need to get to another destination QUICK. But who wins out of the top 3?


Gett vs Hailo vs Uber

Cab apps are designed to make our lives more efficient by hooking us up with a ride in just two or three taps. When we’ve got somewhere to go, the last thing we want is to spend 30 minutes + finding a cab service – and then waiting for one. These cab apps are meant to speed up the process, making life easier for both the passenger and the driver. But which is the best, and which actually slows us down? Let’s take a look. Zoom zoom!


uber vs hailo

Image credit: businessinsider.com

Uber is the King of all the cab-hailing apps for many people. It’s certainly the most popular and most well-known. You can download the app if you’re a driver or a passenger, and the payment is totally cashless. The latest round of funding slapped a bumper $51,000,000,000 price tag on the company, which basically makes it one of the biggest growing apps EVER.

But how does it measure up in the Uber vs Hailo vs Gett debate?


  • Payment is 100% cashless
  • No bosses for drivers
  • Drivers have limitless flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Slick user interface
  • Fares are lower than regular taxis


  • Prices tend to surge during peak times
  • Cannot pick up at all airports because of licensing issues
  • If you split a fare, your buddy needs to have an Uber account, too
  • GPS location services are not always accurate
  • Drivers are not always local, and as such are not always familiar with the roads