hailo review

Hailo is a taxi cab app that started in London in the year 2011. It will work as long as you have Smartphone. It is a Hailor driver app and has app for users that will allow them to connect with drivers. It also allows users to store payment method as well as details in Hailo cloud that gives easy access to debit and credit cards. The app was developed by 3 taxi drivers as well as 3 technology entrepreneurs and it is funded by some venture capitalists. The time it is available, it has available in over 16 countries.

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Hailo Review Pros

  • Hailo app is definitely easy to use and what you only need to do is to just double tap to hail a cab and confirm the email
  • Users can sent instant trip receipt having payment and journey details to drivers
  • With the Hailo taxi app, users can able to give some tip to drivers
  • The app has numerous social networking features helping to make the drive quicker and safer
  • It is good for drivers because they no longer need to scour the streets seeking for fares for the reason that they are receiving notifications from the app
  • It is beneficial travel app because it helps you to connect with cab drivers by just using Smartphone
  • It is a win for all cab drivers
  • It makes hailing easier
  • The app has amazing intelligent individuals that make all the things get done. They have the enthusiasm and passion
  • The app has beautiful office
  • It has fast environment, flatten hierarchy and working hours that are flexible

Hailo Cab App Cons

  • The office space can be more inclusive because the separate rooms make it difficult sometimes to communicate
  • No direction defined of the company

Who Should Use the App?

Everyone who is having a hard time to hail a cab or need apps for hotels can use the Hailo as long as they have Smartphone. They have the chance to communicate with drivers. Use the app if you want to avoid the traffic and hassles in waiting for a cab.

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