gotomeeting app review

GotoMeeting app is a great conference call program and it is one of the best online. It is an app that will make conference call easy and if you want to know more information why it is one of the best, check this review.

  • gotomeeting review

GotoMeeting App Review Pros

  • Easy: With this GotoMeeting review, it helps you to know more details. Setting the app is easy as one, two and three. You can begin your meeting using your device. You can also have the chance to send invites, SMS or email using your phone. You can make a call on the specified time. There are no hard codes and it is not hard to set up.
  • Customer support: If you have problem or you encounter problem, do not worry because the app has GotoMeeting alternative which means you can contact their customer support.
  • Free trial or version: Being one of the best business apps 2016, free GotoMeeting app is offering trial version or free trial for users. They have a one month trial to test the app and to check out its features if it is all working or not. They can use it in hosting few conferences to see it is good to use. You can use the free version to see if the app will work for you before you decide to pay the subscription prices. Aside from free trial, they have free version without time limits, but having limited features.

GotoMeeting App Cons

  • High price: The app comes at cheap price, but if you compared it to its other competitors; you find it a bit pricey. The lowest plan that the app has is users need to pay $24 every month
  • Limited free version

Who Should Use the App?

GotoMeeting conference call app is perfect for small businesses because it does not require any skills in operating it. It is also great for small groups who want to have a meeting because they can contact each other.

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