Google Play vs Pandora battleGoogle has its long-reaching fingers in more pies than you could possibly count. Let’s see if it’s stretched that little bit too far by playing with the big boys of the online music streaming game. This epic three round battle of Google Play vs Pandora will let you make all the right choices for your musical needs.

Pandora vs Google Play: Round One

Both of these services offer free versions, meaning that their revenue comes from advertising. Annoying, probably, but it’s not all bad if you’re on the lookout for new products to try out. Given Google’s vast data-collecting capabilities, its ads are far more directly relevant to your needs and likes than Pandora could hope to be. When it comes to Pandora vs Google Play, Google wins the annoying ads round with its high likelihood of playing ads that you’ll actually be interested in. This is not to mention that Google’s user interface is uncluttered and easy to use, a key component of any good music streaming app. That’s not to say that Pandora’s interface is unattractive or hard to use: in fact, it’s perfectly serviceable.

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Round Two: Range and Quality of Music

While the free version of Google Play doesn’t let you actually choose your music, it has a library of around 30 million songs that it can use to give you a nevertheless enjoyable listening session. Given this huge library of music, when you’re thinking about the Pandora music app comparison is simply not possible. Pandora offers a similar service but with only 1 million songs in its library. That’s still a huge amount that you’d never get through in a lifetime, but it cannot compete with a number 30 times as great. However, there is a big difference between the two apps and this is where Pandora has its time in the sun. Pandora offers a service whereby you can listen to unreleased albums from all kinds of artists. You might find a track that you simply cannot get hold of elsewhere. If you’re a music aficionado, this makes Pandora indispensable despite its other flaws. Any decent music app comparison has to consider the audio quality, and Google wins here again. You’ll get access to a bitrate of 320 kbps using their service, whereas Pandora offers a still respectable but noticeably worse 192 kbps.


google play vs pandora

The Pandora app works to keep you inspired and happy listening to your favorite songs, no matter the genre. All you need to do is to start typing the name of your favorite songs, artists or composers and the app will do the rest. Using it, you can also make your very own stations so that you can automatically listen only to music closest to your heart.


  • There are hundreds of stations available that allow mix-and-match opportunity.
  • You can vote for different songs which later will help the app to define your music preference and provide with the most suitable stations and tracks.
  • There is an option to share stations and separate tracks on Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can find friends with similar music tastes among all the users of the app.


  • You will not be able to find any data on future releases, charts or anything like that.
  • Even premium account doesn’t offer unlimited skips.

Google Play

pandora vs google play

Google Play’s most significant capability is a lot more down to earth than you’d expect from such a giant company. It’s quite easy to get hold of extremely specific playlists that precisely fit your complex mood state. When you pick themes, you’re then given a choice of genre and then a selection of three different playlists that fit the style you chose. In this way, you’ll quickly find music that suits your exact requirements.


  • Downloading actual music files from the Cloud is for sure a big plus.
  • Good shuffling of songs. You rarely will hear the same song twice if you shuffle your playlist. Surprisingly it can be an issue for a lot of music players these days.
  • Great display of cover art and UI.
  • You can upload all your locally stored music to GPM. For example, connect it to your iTunes account and all the tracks will be available in Google Play as well.


  • If you want to use GPM properly, be ready with your credit card since it’s requiring a valid credit card if you want to try the service for free for 30 days, at which point the charges will kick in automatically, unless you set yourself a reminder to unsubscribe after 29 days.
  • No iOS version. Still, available only on Android.
  • You can’t share your songs. Can’t even share its own services like Google+ or Gmail.
  • Long song titles don’t roll on the screen. You might never know what the full name of the song is.


Google Play vs Pandora has been a hard-fought battle between a giant of the Internet and a more nuanced smaller competitor. Ultimately, Google’s offering will be more suitable for the majority of listeners owing to its wide-ranging library and interactive capabilities. However, for those who require more specific features and aren’t so bothered about breadth as they are depth of experience, Pandora prevails.

It’s really a very personal choice, much as you would expect. Whichever takes top spot for you in Google Play vs Pandora, you can download them and see for yourself.

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