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Recently Google introduced their first smart phones – Pixel and Pixel XL. For the first time in the history Google made a device operating purely on own software. As known, the creators paid particular attention to the five main features: the built-in voice assistant, high-quality camera, cloud services, instant messenger and virtual reality. Both presented models have quite similar parameters and design. Both devices use SoC Snapdragon 821 and 4GB of RAM LPDDR4. 32 or 128 GB of flash memory is provided for the data storage. Pixel smartphone surface is made of aluminum and has a large glass plate, occupying half of the back cover and supports memory cards.

google pixel vs iphone

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Probably the most significant drawback of pixel phone is that for now it can be bought only in 6 countries whereas iPhone 7 is available almost worldwide if we take the look on the availability map.

Similarities and Differences: Pixel Smartphone vs. Iphone


pixel smartphone designLike the iPhone 7 Plus, google mobile phone has a new smartphone display with a 5.5 inches diagonal, but the resolution in Pixel XL is above 2560 × 1440 pixels (534 ppi) against those 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi) in iOS-smartphone. Also, Google uses AMOLED-display, Apple – IPS. The size of google pixel phone is slightly larger than iPhone although it is significantly thinner: 158,2 x 77,9 x 7,3 mm to 154,7 x 75,7 x 8,5 mm.

As mentioned, AMOLED has noticeable advantages if we compare it with IPS displays:

  • significantly greater brightness matrix
  • a smaller area of the display unit, which gives an additional space for the battery
  • higher contrast, since the black color is really black as pixels corresponding to the black color do not emit light

Virtual reality

pixel smartphoneProbably the most important feature of Pixel XL is the virtual reality support. At the moment this is the only smartphone that gets native support Daydream VR-platform and is able to work with a virtual reality Daydream View helmet.

Connectivity and communications

pixel smartphone comparisonThe Android updates will be available for all Pixel phone users directly from Google just as soon as they get available. Endurance on the move is a real great feature of the Pixel phone enabling it to last up to 7 hours just after getting charged for 15 minutes. The other feature that only the Pixel phone has is inbuilt in 24-hour live phone support, this way the tech operator can help you better having a direct display of what is currently happening on your phone screen. And, of course, unlimited space in Google Photos is guaranteed, and support for fast charging technology through the USB-C port too.


pixel smartphone cameraThe resolution of the front camera for both devices is 12 megapixels. This parameter is equal for Apple and Google. Camera features are among the most unique “chips» of iPhone 7 Plus, optical zoom, stereo sound quality headphones with the lightning connection. The device has a water protection, however, it’s far not as good as in iPhones. It says that a small amount of dust can penetrate the surface, but it does not disrupt the operation of the smartphone. As for moisture, Google device can take some challenge like f.g rain, but it definitely no worth trying to immerse it into the water. The video camera, claiming to be the greatest one among all existing smartphones can shoot videos with a resolution of 2160 pixels and at 30 frames per second.

Here you can have a look on the real photos taken by Google Pixel’s smartphone:

  • pixel phone camera

Voice assistant

google mobile phoneGoogle Assistant is some sort of an analog of Siri that all Apple devices feature, some say that it is a more advanced version of Google Now. Google Assistant is the basis for all new smartphones and those that will be launched in the future. This software is integrated into the system more deeply than Google now making it easier to use.


google pixel phoneAs for performance, the new pixel phones are equipped with a powerful quad-core processor Apple A10 Fusion. Pixel XL is powered by the Snapdragon processor 821.


google pixel phone priceThe price of the device is definitely not the last thing that is considered by customers at the moment of choosing the model, especially when the characteristics seem quite similar.

Manufacturers’ websites are featuring the following data considering prices:

Google Pixel (5 inches)

  • 16 GB – $649
  • 128 GB – $749

Google Pixel XL (5,5 inches)

  • 16 GB – $769
  • 128 GB – $869

And for the iPhones:

iPhone 7 (4,7 inches)

  • 32 GB — $649
  • 128 GB — $749
  • 256 GB — $849

iPhone 7 (4,7 inches)

  • 32 GB — $769
  • 128 GB — $869
  • 256 GB— $969

What Do Experts Say?

The camera on Pixel phone is the best smartphone camera… EVER, according to DxOMark. So if you’re looking for the most satisfying camera experience, Pixel phone should be the first mobile phone device on your wish list.

Let’s have a look of what other mobile experts think. For instance, Ernest Doku, a mobile phone industry expert from uSwitch, leaves the following review:

There’s every reason to believe the Pixel could be a genuine iPhone killer, in a market that appears to be growing tired of the incumbents.

With a potentially market-leading camera, sleek design and a Google ecosystem stacked with the latest in AI and VR, this might just be the handset to inject a dose of cool back into the smartphone market.

However, based on the results of Geekbench, Pixel phone significantly inferior to the performance of a competitor when it comes to general capacity.

pixel mobile phone

the Pixel Xl scores 1607 and 4147 in single and multi core results respectively. When we compare these scores with 2016’s flagships, the Pixel Xl really doesn’t appear to give it its all. For comparison sake, the Galaxy S7 scores around 2100 for single and around 4500 for multi-core results.

The Note 7 on the other hand is known to display mixed results and lies in the same ballpark as the Pixel XL. Please keep in mind that benchmark scores are highly controversial and are not absolute guarantees of a smartphone’s performance.

Buy or Not to Buy?

google pixel phone characreristicsSome experts say that with new Pixel phones Google is really striving to conquer the market of Apple, with a control over Android hardware Google can synchronize the software with hardware so that they work as a one smooth unit, supporting each other, this opens the greatest room for developers to build on such platform.

It is quite difficult to compare fundamentally different phones with different operating systems, both have lots of fans and the bunch of best apps that can be supported by their particular OS. To the question “Should I upgrade and replace old iPhone with a new Google Pixel?» you will find no definite answer on the web because it’s up to your taste, like with ice-cream “chocolate or strawberry?” you will never know what’s good for you until you try both.