Goodreader is a great PDF reader for iPhone, iPod and iPad touch. When it comes to its iPad version, it was the number one selling app in the year 2010 in United States. Over the years, they add new features and make sure to keep its mobile productivity. With Goodreader alternative app on your phone, you can read anything and anywhere you are, whether it is maps, pictures, books and movies. Use it and you will be hooked. For instance, if you want to work with documents, you can do it using your iPhone or iPad.

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One more thing is that they value your privacy. The app has the commitment not to monitor activity of its users. They aim for privacy focused and never ask for personal details. There are no profiles or usernames. You can use the app without any monitoring. Using the app allows you to manage and read files, annotate, sign, edit and read PDF documents, view pictures, watch video, listen to audio as well as view TXT, HTML and MS Office.

GoodReader App Pros

  • Easily maintain many collections of folders and files
  • Has auto sync folders
  • Advanced PDF reading
  • Super robust reader
  • Easy to use
  • Functions in good ways
  • Handles large files of PDF
  • Has useful file management

GoodReader App Cons

  • Not free

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Who Should Use the App?

Goodreader app review is one of the things you need to read online for more details. For students, teachers and businesspersons, they can have the app for themselves allowing them to read anything that they want. If you want to have the app, it is a good decision. Goodreader review app will help you to learn more that it is one of the best apps that you can have in your phone. It is easy to use and do not have complicated interface. Start to use the app today!

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