Glary Utilities is an app that can be accessible on Android phone and it will let you to clean, boost and optimize your device. It is an all in one cleaner that can boost your android device performance the time you click the quick clean button. The good thing with the app is that it frees up your system RAM, cleans junk, boosts memory and it will help you to keep privacy in efficient way.

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If you are asking, “What is Glary Utilities?” Then, it can be answered if you know the features of it. The app has quick clean allowing you to kill residual files and caches quickly. It will speed up your device function effectively and it has the ability to end individual applications. When it comes to its junk files, it shows application list that have system cache, it shows residual files that can be cleaned, ability to clean caches an it has auto reminder in cache file size. Another thing is that the app has task killer that show the list of running tasks with CPU and RAM usage. It has the ability to kill multiple tasks and individual and applications. It gives you the opportunity to be reminded if your memory usage is high and you love it because it automatically kills your background tasks.

Glary Utilities Pros

  • It has app manager that list the installed apps
  • Ability to uninstall specific program
  • Ability to remove mail clients, installed browsers and others
  • It shows battery percentage as well as current status
  • Interface is nice

Glary Utilities Cons

  • There is no major reason why you should not buy the software

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Who Should Use the App?

Everyone having Android device can use the app to clean their system and boost the performance of their device. Be sure that you read Glary Utilities review to know more information. Start to download the app and see how it works in your device.

Download Glary Utilities today!