When it comes to free game apps for kids, it can be hard to find something that’s both suitable and actually educational rather than just being eye candy. If you want your child to learn even when they least realize it, make sure you get to grips with the latest apps specially designed with inquisitive kids in mind. Education certainly doesn’t have to be boring and you can find something to suit your child, no matter what their interests or academic level.

How Can Fun Apps for Kids Be Educational?

It really depends on the age of your child when it comes to choosing fun apps for kids. For younger children, apps based around their favorite cartoon can work wonders. However, for slightly older children, the top educational apps for kids are those which promise plenty of interaction while teaching them skills of logic, reasoning and problem solving.

Apps for the Under-Fives

Even adults buy coloring books these days. It’s well known that simple tasks like coloring help you to relax and release stress. You might not realize it, but little kids have their own stresses and strains in life and they also want to sit back and make some art. After all, no one can name a toddler who doesn’t like to have a good scribble. Try the Crayola ColorStudio app to let your child exercise their creative powers without destroying your walls and furniture.

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It’s important to give your kids a head start when it comes to reading before they attend school for the first time. Try Zoo Alphabet for Kids to give your child an educational and fun way of learning their ABC. It includes flash cards with interactive animals for an extra special time learning the letters of the Latin alphabet.

Everyone teaches their child the basic geometric shapes from the triangle all the way up to the decagon, if not higher. Let Dino Tim teach your young one all about colors and shapes as you help him rescue his beloved family from the clutches of the evil witches. You can even use it to teach your child a foreign language as it comes in fully translated French and Spanish versions amongst others.

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Try These for the Under-Tens

If you’re worried that your child will end up a couch potato if they’re playing mobile games all day, then we have two words for you: Pokémon GO. Pretty much all kids love these Japanese critters and you can spend some quality time with your youngster by exploring the neighbourhood and looking for Pokémon to catch. It’s not great for battery longevity but it’s still a great way to get your kids to come with you on a walk through the local park.

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Here are some more great ideas for your kiddos:

  • Lego is well known for boosting powers of imagination and construction. If you want to minimize the risk of stepping on a stray piece of plastic in the middle of the night, then you should try LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise. The aim of the game is to put together a truck using predefined bricks and then bring your delivery to the proper destination. You get paid in a special in-game currency, letting you afford to buy even more parts for your fleet of trucks.
  • Get your child’s math brain up and running at high speed with Blackboard Madness. This app is wonderful for improving mental math skills once you’ve already taught your kid the basics and they’re looking for something a little more challenging. The later challenges even start to include basic algebra which is sure to give your child a fun test.
  • Kids often love to get involved in family activities and feel a little left out and dejected when they can’t take part fully. This is true even of stressful things like packing for vacation. Kids are naturally excited about going away for a few weeks so let them in on the fun with Toca Life: Vacation. They can interact with nearly every game object imaginable, packing their own suitcase, getting dressed up for the beach and so on. You can even have a go at flying the in-game airplane!

To make sure that you find the top educational apps for kids like yours, try to match the attributes of the games above with the kinds of skills your children need to brush up on. Even adults often learn best through play, so you’ll surely find that the best apps help you to teach your child the basics about the world around them in a fun and imaginative way. Fortunately, teaching your kids through play in our modern, technology-obsessed world doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find all manner of free game apps for kids that don’t cost anything to buy and don’t involve any pesky in-app purchases. After all, everyone has the right to an education regardless of their wealth or status.

If you’re looking for free game apps for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these educational and fun games that’ll help your kids get the best start in life.