Easy Tiger, which is the creator of Slit Pic announced their newest app known as Font Candy. It is a revolutionary typography application that you will like. Font Candy app allows you to mask your images with captions or just apply overlay with text. It helps you to improve your photo by using amazing hand-picked fonts, add great captions or make intricate designs. Whether you want to use trending font or create exceptional artwork, the app is perfect for you.

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Some of the features of the app include:

  • Built in camera with a timer for selfie moments
  • Upload favorite photos from camera roll
  • Crop and scale the image that you want
  • Great selection of hand-picked fonts
  • Customize photos by using artwork packs or sayings templates
  • Share work with your friends on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and others

Font Candy App Pros

  • It has been updated
  • Some issues are fixed
  • It is easy to use
  • Share your photos using your social network accounts
  • Great selection of fonts
  • Design custom cases for your iPhone, posters and magnets

Font Candy App Cons

  • Some bugs

Who Should Use the App?

Font Candy apk is an amazing app allowing you to edit your photos. If you have a phone, this is perfect to install. The app looks better than others and you can edit photos, covers ad others. Also, for people who want to create book covers, then they can use the app. You surely love the fonts, words size and others. It is not mess just like others apps. Font Candy photo editor comes with excellent options that will satisfy you. Its editing option is magnificent for inspiring quotes, story covers and creating profile picture. It is a good app for everyone that must try. If you cannot choose what font editor or font app you will choose, try Font Candy and you will be amaze on what you get.

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