flowdock vs slack vs campfire

Apps are big business in 2016, and there are now more apps on the market than ever before. More and more people are turning to team collaboration apps to help them up their productivity game and stay in touch with their group. With team collaboration apps, users can chat to all their team members at the same time, share notes, clarify points – and much much more. Think of these apps as like the best chat ever room for businesses who don’t have the time or finances to get everyone together in the same physical building.


And because there are so many of these apps on the market, we’ve narrowed your choice down to the best three: FlowDock vs Slack vs CampFire. But which one is the best? Which app will help you stay connected with your team, and which slow you down even more? Let’s take a look!


flowdock vs slack

“The Dock” as its lovingly referred to by users, FlowDock is essentially your team’s very own chatroom that comes complete with a shared inbox and which allows you to stay in touch with your employees or freelance workers. The app allows you all to stay bang up to date with everything that is going on, and it ensures that no one ever misses or forgets anything ever again.

The app is able to seamlessly integrate with various other productivity apps, such as Trello, GitHub and ZenDesk, and it is compatible with Android and iOS. It’s comparable to Skype Chat.

How does FlowDock measure up vs Slack vs CampFire?


  • Great for team communication
  • Can have one-on-ones with specific members or group chats with everyone
  • Integrates with external services
  • Comes with a free version
  • Easy to use


  • It might be too simple and basic for some users
  • Each click opens a new window, which can cause you to get lost
  • Usability could be improved
  • Interface could be improved


slack vs campfire

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Slack’s tagline is “Be Less Busy” which sounds really inviting. But if that doesn’t intrigue you enough, maybe the fact that NASA are just one of the thousands of teams worldwide who use this app to make their working lives easier and more rewarding.

Slack brands itself as the “team communication tool for the 21st century.” It allows you to easily manage your team convos in open channels, and you can make new channels for teams, members, topics or projects. The best thing is that everyone can see exactly what is happening.

You can send private, direct messages or communicate easily via group chats, and there is even a free version for smaller teams. The Standard package is available for $6.67 per month, while you can download and use the Plus package for $12.50 per month.

How does Slack compare vs CampFire vs FlowDock?


  • Awesome private back-channel
  • Easily upload files directly
  • Enable push notifications
  • Easy to get the hang of. Little training required
  • Makes email redundant
  • Comes with a free version


  • Notifications can frequently be a pain
  • No calendar
  • Lack of task-management features
  • Collaboration features are on the whole limited and sparse
  • Windows 10 desktop app is not fantastic



Campfire App

CampFire boasts that it is one of the most popular team collaboration apps on the market, and with more than 100,000 users it’s hard to argue otherwise.

A web-based group chat room tool, CampFire allows you to easily and quickly create password-protected group chats for your colleagues, clients or freelancers. You can discuss ideas, clarify points and make decisions without having to leave your building.

There is nothing to install, and the app comes with a 30-day free trial, while sign-up takes just a minute.

How does CampFire fare in the FlowDock vs Campfire vs Slack debate?


  • User friendly
  • Practical – nothing to install
  • Comes with a free version
  • Contains a very extensive chat history
  • Sharing folders and files is easy
  • Refreshingly simple interface


  • No video or audio features
  • Invite takes a while because each invitee has to be invited separately
  • Better for smaller business
  • Extensive chat history is a bit cumbersome, especially if your chat has a lot of participants


In summary, choosing out of FlowDock vs CampFire vs Slack will largely come down to your personal preferences and what you actually need. Slack wins hands down if you have a huge team, while FlowDock works well if you need to have both group chats and one-on-one sessions. CampFire, meanwhile, works superbly for smaller teams – but not so great with larger ones.