flowdock review

Flowdock is good collaboration software and it is integrating chat and team inbox. It is integrated with more than 50 services and tools. It is a good for in terms of team communication and it allows you to separate different subjects. Read this Flowdock review for more details.

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Agile Software Pros

  • Flowdock is offering team collaboration solution and it is being offered for free, but limited to 4 users only
  • Flowdock app is offering mobile dedicated for iOS and Android device users
  • Its team collaboration tool is supporting integration with Loader.io, Google Apps and other same services
  • It has single sign-on that available as integration service
  • The usability and interface of Flowdock is great
  • It is available to some platforms and it has web version that users can use anytime
  • Being one of the best project management apps, Flowdock is easy to configure
  • Talk to members through private messages or public flows
  • Quickly share files by using drag & drop uploading
  • Save time with video, link and image previews
  • Add tags for an easy future referencing

Flowdock App Cons

  • The app costs $3 for each user for teams with over five users
  • The app is difficult to use sometimes, especially if it has lots of members in the team
  • The teal collaboration tool Android app will quickly drain the battery
  • The app is not a robust tool that does not have much features
  • There are many links to Flowdock sections such as external services, preferences and others
  • There is no quick access to list members of the organization

Who Should Use the App?

If you are a student and a non-profit organization, you can use Flowdock to make a project, but you need to pay the monthly fee. You can have it in running your team or company in. It is good for people doing marketing and for students who want to make some projects. Start to use and try Flowdock to know how it works.

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