Flow chat app helps you in managing your tasks, whether you are riding the bus, having breakfast or have a trip in the world. The app helps you to make sure you will stay connected with your work and your team. Using the app allows you to have discussion with team with direct messages and chat rooms.

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Flow tasks app has everything that you need. Using the app allows you to work in organized manner if you think all your work are scattered all over. With it, you always know what you will do and you can organize your team to set deadlines, projects and others. The app was updated last March 28, 2016 and some of the minor issues have been fixed, which include new project creation, improved dialog design, calendar, tablet spacing, task creation screen and some bugs.

Flow tasks has more than one thousand installs and it is perfect for Android devices.

Flow Tasks + Flow Chat Pros

  • Ease of use: The app is user unfriendly, which means it does not have cluttered design and it is simple to use.
  • Mobile app: The app has well made functions that are incomparable to others.
  • Real time notifications and syncs: All changes, edits or comments made in your account will appear immediately without long waiting.

Flow Tasks + Flow Chat Cons

  • Annoying performance on chatrooms and notifications
  • Cannot sign up using mobile app

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Who Should Use the App?

If you want to manage your files, check notifications and much more, the app is perfect for you. Flow tasks is food for business and for people who have lots of tasks that want to ensure their tasks are organized. Installing the app in your phone is a nice decision because it gives what you want. Since the last update of the app, some of the issues have been fixed for better usage. Having it in your phone will keep you organize all the time.

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