evernote review

Leading a busy lifestyle, you may be looking for ways on how to make your life easier, and that’s exactly what Evernote (with a similar developer name), one of the best organization apps, can offer you. It is a modern workspace that can synchronize between devices; thus, it allows users to work and be productive no matter where they are in the world. The app can organize documents, photos and web articles and it can write notes and checklists. It can also let you research and discuss with your group or with your people within it.

  • evernote review

Evernote Pros

Evernote App ProsAccording to authority Evernote review online, such as that from PC Mag, the app is an indispensable tool in terms of taking notes and getting your work done. It is considered to be one of the best productivity apps 2016.

Evernote App ProsThe app is used by over 100 million of people from around the world so that they can keep their projects moving forward no matter where they are in the world, especially true for remote workers who work and collaborate online.

Evernote App ProsThe app fits the modern lifestyle of users because it helps them focus and get the job done without any problems in an uncluttered space. They love its function of attaching files, including documents, photos and PDFs.

Evernote App ProsWith it, they can also work chat and discuss without them having to use another application for the purpose. They can also prepare their meetings and make action items and agendas within the app, too.

Evernote App ProsIt allows people to work and use it even offline, so you can easily use it during business trips.

Evernote Cons

Evernote App ConsTo get access to powerful features, users have to subscribe to a paid version, namely, the premium and the plus membership.

Who Should Use Evernote?

The Evernote app is an essential for all types of workers and business people who are always on the go but want to keep on track with their works and keep these moving forward to avoid delays and to accomplish their projects in real time. It is suitable for students and other professionals, who want to work, take down notes and discuss within the app.