epicurious review

Epicurious is a food site which includes more than 28,000 professionally tested and delicious created recipes. It’s a digital brand for people interested in cooking related and food topics. The site was made by Conde Nast in the year 1995. Epicurious app is serving mobile content across numerous platforms which include Windows, iOS and Android.

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Epicurious Review Pros

  • Epicurious recipes app has “recipe of the day” voice search and widget
  • The price of the app is free wherein anyone can download to see what recipes are available for the day
  • Epicurious recipe has great recipe having thousands of ideas of recipe
  • It has create shopping lists, recipe pictures, advanced search and mark as favorite feature
  • Filter dish by category type
  • Full details which include directions, user reviews, photos, ingredient lists that you can shop for and save recipe favorites
  • Offers handy home screen
  • Shopping lists is convenient in getting some ingredient items and there are also lots of healthy meals and tempting delights that you can choose from making it a fabulous app recipe
  • The interface of the app is well-designed and it is offering convenient tools in preparing, finding as well s making recipes
  • It has a FAQ section that will help you to know the information you need
  • It offers broad selection of guides and selection and it has expanded resources including up to date wine and food dictionaries, slideshows of recipe photo, instructional podcasts and instructional videos

Epicurious App Cons

First time users or amateur may have a hard time in understanding some of the instructions of the recipes, but nevertheless, they’ll get by and be familiar as tit is is one of the best cool apps.

Who Should Use the App?

For individuals who are looking for easy and quick dish that is healthy and seasonal, they can install Epicurious cookbook recipe. For mothers, grandmothers or anyone out there who want to learn something that they can cook and serve to their family and friends, the app will give what you want. Epicuirous has easy to use recipe and in-depth recipe search that will help you in finding the best recipe you need.

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