duolingo review

For non-native speakers of languages, including English, French, Italian and Spanish, using language learning apps is very helpful because they can now learn the language free in a fast and fun manner. Now, they can access and learn a language using Duolingo (Developer Duolingo), which was launched on November 30, 2011. Check out this review and learn more about this app if you are interested learning language free forever!

  • duolingo review

Duolingo Pros

DuoLingo App ProsThe app offers free services to learners and they can practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in their preferred language without spending a dime.

DuoLingo App ProsIt is chosen as Best of the Best and Editor’s Choice at Google Play and is one of the new apps 2016, and it is the best language-learning app, according to The Wall Street Journal.

DuoLingo App ProsToday, there are more than 60 million learners of English for Spanish speakers and 50 million learners for Spanish among English speakers.

DuoLingo App ProsOne thing that most users love about the app Duolingo is that it’s free and without advertisements to interrupt their experience. They also love that they can learn by playing games, browsing and reading lessons and answering questions daily.

DuoLingo App ProsMillions of users are using the app to learn language just like in their universities or schools. And 34 hours spent on the app is like attending a semester.

Duolingo Cons

DuoLingo App ConsThe downside of the app is that it asks permissions for finding accounts on the device as well as accessing contacts, media files and photos.

DuoLingo App ConsIt can also modify or delete contents from a USB device, so be sure not to keep anything very important there.

Who Should Use Duolingo?

To conclude this Duolingo review, the app is recommended for non-native language speakers and learners, who want an effective, fun and fast way of learning how to write, listen, speak and read in another language. The app is very educational and it is free to use, so users who want to learn the language can make use of this unlimited.